I have been a  keen volunteer to a number of groups. Currently I am working as a volunteer with Hartlepool Citizens Advice. The Citizens Advice are one of the many charities I support. They rely upon volunteers to provide a valuable service to the local community.


Staff and Volunteers at Hartlepool Citizens Advice

If you want to serve in your local community with an organisation providing a much needed and important service then please consider contacting your local Citizens Advice. The training they provide is very professional and rewarding.

My voluntary record also includes:

1993 – I sourced funding and established Hartlepool Settlement Furniture Services. We provided good quality second-hand furniture to homeless people.

1998 – In partnership with the manager of Hartlepool CAB we succeeded in securing a National Lottery grant of £498,000. The money was used to build a new modern advice centre. I was coordinator for the project.


2001 – I helped to source funding and establish Hartlepool Bond Scheme. The project helped to secure rented accommodation to vulnerable people by guaranteeing their security bond.


2009 – Durham Constabulary Volunteer – Helping to initiate Durham Farmwatch a crime prevention project in partnership with local farmers.


2016 – To Date – Hartlepool Citizens Advice case worker.