In 2002 for some reason unknown I answered the following advertisement -


“He's back! Sculptor Antony Gormley is once  again bringing his art to the region.  If you're aged between 5 and 95 you can be part of it - quite literally.”

Sculptor Antony Gormley was offering 200 volunteers the chance of a lifetime to take part in his latest project, but its brief was a little out of the ordinary.



Gormley was looking for people of all shapes and sizes who were willing to strip completely naked before being wrapped in clingfilm and covered in plaster. Once the casts are made, the backs will be cut off and small pieces of metal welded into the shape of the body. This was going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity




More than one thousand people from Gateshead and Newcastle volunteered and I was humbled to be one of the lucky ones. The castings were carried out under the public's gaze - although cubicles were installed for the more private moments of the process.  Each sculpture would represent a living inhabitant of the North East.


Trying to describe the experience of being wrapped in clingfilm and then plaster is very sureel. The process at first is cold and wet and then during the drying period the plaster cast heats up due to a chemical process. I'm sure there are more pleasurable ways to be immortalised. 

However it is nice to know my body has now been across many European countries, Russia and the Far East.


Cyber-Man RutlandAntony Gormley, is famously known for his North East landmark, the Angel of the North, and this extensive solo exhibition shows the magnificent work the artist has contributed and designed specifically for the people of the North East.