ALNMOUTH FRIARY (Solid Grounding In Life Skills)

The Franciscan vocation I explored as a young man was a response to an inner prompting of God to follow a path in a variety of different ways. As Christians our primary calling is rooted in baptism, where we proclaim what God has done for us. It is the moment where in our journey of faith we move from darkness to light, from death to life, from being self-centred to being God centred.

The Religious Life (Society of Saint Francis - SSF) was one expression I explored of a deeper commitment and calling. It was a life-long commitment to living a life under vows (poverty, chastity and obedience) within the context of a community. There was a process of exploration and discernment, before any final commitment is made to this way of life.

The Society of the Sacred Mission (SSM) had its beginnings in the 1880s, by the bishop of the newly established Anglican mission in Korea. SSM rapidly expanded and developed into a theological college for Anglican ordinands, particularly those who would not otherwise have the opportunity, the means, or the educational qualifications to train for the priesthood. From the 1903 the College was located at Kelham, near Newark in Nottinghamshire and more recently in Durham where I lived while I explored my vocation to priesthood.

ST ANTHONY’S PRIORY DURHAM (Theological Training)